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WASH BOTTLES – “wide neck” – “multi-colour cap”


  • Wide neck wash bottles are manufactured from highly translucent and semi-rigid polyethylene with thick walls and crush-resistant corners.
  • Round bottle form allows unrestricted liquid flow out without leaving any residue at the bottle neck.
  • Angled delivery tube guarantees a fine and straight flow with an application of a slight pressure on the body.
  • Dispensing tube design offers optimum backflow and turbulence free liquid transfer.
  • Caps coupled with delivery tube are made from polyethylene with large ridges with increased grip. Cap inner design ensures hermetical and leak-proof closure.
  • 4 colour options for the cap (red, yellow, green & blue).

Catalogue numbers for wide neck wash bottles

4 colour options for the cap (red, yellow, green & blue)

Coloured caps enable easy identification of the bottle’s content. Ribbed cap provides perfect grip.

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