Vancouver, BC, Canada


BOTTLES – “square” – “wide neck” – “polyethylene”


  • Manufactured from polyethylene with thick walls and crush-resistant corners.
  • A large bottle neck provides easy filling and pouring.
  • Bottle neck and the cap carry holes for enabling the insertion of the security seal wire.
  •  The space between the cap and the insert plug can be used for securing confidential notes.
  •  Embossed volume graduations on wall side offers better liquid level viewing and reproducable filling of the bottle without the need of a measuring cylinder.
  • The space between cap and insert plug can be used for private and confidential notes.
  • Insert the seal wire through the holes of both the cap and bottle itself. Then insert the wire into the hole of the seal as shown.
  • Last step is to wind the seal key clockwise until the seal wire gets tight enough to provide optimum security lock.


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