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BAGS – “homogenization” – “sterile”


Manufactured from polyethylene. Specially designed for fast and effective crushing of solid samples to the liquid phase.

Sterilized with gamma irradiation, free of RNase, DNase, and pyrogene.

Even at low temperatures they maintain the stability of the specimen’s microbiological status.

While working with infectious samples, bags can be sealed by any ordinary bag sealer to prevent the escape of aeresols.


Bags without filter are generally used for standard and common practises.BAGS - “homogenization” - “sterile”



Bags with side (lateral) filter divides the bag in 2 non-equal compartments. They are suitable for small samples such as PCR applications.

BAGS - “homogenization” - “sterile”


Bags with full (page) filter divides in 2 equal compartments. Solid sample remains in it’s side, while the liquid phase moves to the other side.

BAGS - “homogenization” - “sterile”

BAGS - “homogenization” - “sterile” table


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